CODESA has been hired by several mining companies established in our country, among which we have: Minera Panamá, S.A., Minera Cerro Quema, S.A., Capira Dorada and Global-Min Metal Panamá, S.A.

For Minera Panamá, S.A., company that develops the megaproject for the extraction of copper, Environment Impact Studies have been made with the respective Follow-Up Reports up to the mitigation and compensation measurements, as well as the water quality environment monitoring services, noise measurement for employees at work, environmental noise, vibrations, air quality, flora and fauna rescue and relocation and support in reforestation projects. Additionally, we provide advice in legal matters, for the compliance of regulations that apply to their projects.

Together with Minera Cerro Quema, S.A., we have developed several Environment Impact Studies for the different phases of exploration, as well as, Follow-Up Reports, monitoring and development of activities of the Environmental Management Plan.

Another of our clients in this sector is Global-Min Metal Panamá, S.A., a company that carries out a magnesium extraction project (in exploration phase) located in the province of Colon. In the concession mining area of the project, several services like the environmental monitoring, archeological recognition and preparing of Environment Impact Studies were made, as well as legal advice.