About Us

CORPORACIÓN DE DESARROLLO AMBIENTAL, S.A., (CODESA) is a Panamanian company, founded in 1999, that specializes in Environmental Management and Handling of Natural Resources Consultancy. There are more than 15 years of experience supporting and advising national and international projects of different sectors, among those: Strategic Plans, Environmental Reports, Environmental Impact Assessments, Environmental Monitoring, Rescue of Flora and Fauna, Natural Resources Management and Institutional Strengthening.


We have professionals of several branches that form a dinamic and experienced work team. We innovate and maintain continuous improvement in our processes, through our Quality Management System to offer our clients better services.

Recently, we have expanded our services to Central America inaugurating a new branch in Costa Rica, which will offer similar services and same quality with suitable professionals.

VISION: To be recognized for offering an ample and innovative portfolio of environmental management and to rank in the regional field.


MISSION: A company committed to the conservation of the environment that advises and supports its clients in the execution of its projects initiatives. We offer an ample variety of products and services that comply with high standards and international quality regulations.


QUALITY POLICY: We are committed to providing our clients environmental advisory and consulting with high-quality products, which comply with effective legal regulations and international quality and security standards; through continuous improvement of our processes exceeding their expectations. The company currently has more than twenty-five employees, distributed among administrative personnel, technicians and field assistants. Additionally, we have a database with more than 150 local and international professionals associated with Doctorate (Dr., Ph.D,) Master (MSc.) and Bachelor degrees that complement the company's business.