In the mitigation and climate change sector, CODESA as a new initiative contribution to the environment makes calculations on both carbon footprint, as well as Co2 fixation with which a strategy can be established to achieve becoming Carbon Neutral or having zero emissions.

To get to know the amount of emissions that is produced, the measurement known as Carbon Footprint is taken which represented in tons of Co2 gives us the volume of the emissions and therefore, be able to perform actions of reduction, mitigation and compensation to reduce the Greenhouse gases.

Among the benefits that can be obtained when a company became Carbon Neutral are:

  • Increase in recognition as a company committed with the environment,
  • Better position/ranking on the market,
  • Improve Corporate Social Responsibility policies,
  • Saving in costs on energy consumption and the use of renewable energies.

Another of the conservation activities is to maintain a strategic alliance with the Red de Reserva Privadas de Panama (Private Reserves Network of Panama) as providers of Carbon Credits for the voluntary market in Panama and Central America, see www.carbononeutropma.com.

This initiative has awakened the interest of individuals and companies concerned about the climate change and currently, our company has a clients’ portfolio for both measurements that are increasing.